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The talking stage is a mess

Photo by  Anthony Tran  on  Unsplash As a thirty-something year old woman, I really just want to say that dating is a mess. Specifically, the talking stage is a complete and absolute mess. For anyone out there who might not be familiar with the term "talking stage", in a nutshell, it's that period spanning from the time two people are introduced to each other and when they officially start dating. This period can last anywhere between a few days and a few months. During this time you get to understand the fundamentals of who your potential partner is, you experience their personality, their likes and dislikes, you talk on the phone, you text, you might even meet up a few times. Essentially, nothing serious happens because there's no commitment but it still is a legitimate part of modern-day dating.  Those of us who are in the talking stage experience waves of happiness, excitement, stress, anger, confusion, insecurity, love, overthinking, torture, sometimes sadness. B

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